A downloadable game for Windows

MON is a small, fun and competitive game that requires 2-4 players.

You may use the keyboard on your PC for all 4 players or add up to 4 gamepad controllers.

Keyboard controls are illustrated in-game when the mouse is hovering over the players at the title screen.

There is no aiming as the players shoot at the closest enemy to them.

The teams depend on the colors of the players which can be changed by right-Clicking them at the title screen.

Xbox Controls

Move: Left Analogue Stick

Shoot: Right Trigger

Aiming is done automatically in the game.

Install instructions

Step 1. Download the .exe or installer from the link provided

Step 2. Run installer or .exe file

Step 3. Enjoy with a friend (or 3)


MON_(v 1.0).exe 8 MB
MON_(v1.0)_Installer 9 MB